Deputy Minister Krmoyan introduces at the United Nations success recorded by Armenia in anti-corruption field

08/11/2017 Font

On 6 November, the 7th session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption was launched in Vienna, which was also attended by the delegation of the Republic of Armenia headed by Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia Suren Krmoyan.

In his speech made on November 7, Suren Krmoyan touched upon the recent initiatives carried out in the anti-corruption field, placing special emphasis on bringing the legislation of the Republic of Armenia into compliance with the requirements of the Convention against Corruption. In his speech, Suren Krmoyan mentioned the establishment of a new institutional anti-corruption body and also highlighted the guarantees of independence reserved for the given body and prescribed by the Convention. Suren Krmoyan also talked about the creation of the system of whistle-blowing, criminalisation of illicit enrichment, reform of the institute of declaration, ongoing introduction of e-governance tools, introduction of the institute of real owners in the procurement sector and other major initiatives, which are considered to be the major elements of revelation of corruption crimes. "In the field of the fight against corruption, Armenia attaches importance to consolidation of the efforts and goals of all interested parties — state bodies, non-governmental organisations, businesses and international organisations, and constructive co-operation," the Deputy Minister said.

During the session, the delegation also had a number of major bilateral meetings that will contribute to strengthening of international co-operation in the fight against corruption.


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