National lawyer to be seconded to the ECHR

04/07/2018 Font

With the view to reducing the overload of examination of cases on Armenia in the European Court of Human Rights, a national lawyer will be seconded to the ECHR.

With the purpose of making the process of selecting the national lawyer to be seconded more transparent, the Minister Justice of the Republic of Armenia has signed an order on approving the procedure for organisation of a competition of contenders, establishment and activities of the competition commission.

Following approval of the composition of the Commission, a competition will be announced in the nearest future, and the announcement will be published on the official website for public notifications, the websites of the Ministry of Justice and of the authorised representation of the Republic of Armenia at the ECHR.

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia with higher education in law (at least a Bachelor’s Degree in law), professional work experience at least during the last three years, fluency in English, who are familiar with the case-law of the Court, will be able to apply for the competition. We call on lawyers meeting the mentioned criteria to be active after the announcement is published.

It should also be noted that the Minister of Justice will select three candidates from the candidates having passed the competition stage; they will be presented to the Council of Europe for selection.

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