Artak Asatryan receives delegation led by Chairperson of the Chamber of Advocates of the Islamic Republic of Iran

21/06/2019 Font

Today, First Deputy Minister of Justice Artak Asatryan received the delegation led by Chairperson of the Chamber of Advocates of the Islamic Republic of Iran Isam Amini.

A number of issues related to the legal co-operation between the two countries, the procedures for extradition of convicts, as well as the ensuring of access to legal awareness for crime prevention were discussed during the meeting.

Artak Asatryan greeted the delegation of the friendly country and emphasised that reforms in the field of advocacy have their sustainable place among the priorities of the Ministry of Justice.

Deputy Minister Asatryan expressed confidence that such cooperative meetings will provide the two countries with the opportunity to focus on new ideas for legal co-operation.

Isam Amini greeted the Deputy Minister, expressed gratitude for the reception and mentioned that he is glad to state the fact that the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia is a truly free and independent body. Amini added that the purpose of the delegation’s visit to Armenia is to not only have the Chambers of Advocates of both countries exchange their experiences, but also become familiar with the activities of the systems of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia and the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Armenia.

Touching upon Iranian citizens convicted in Armenia, Artak Asatryan assured that the transfer of convicts and the process of ensuring serving of punishment in the country of the convict are always in the focus of the Ministry of Justice and added that the exercise of rights to freedom of religion and belief of Iranians at the penitentiary institutions in Armenia is also properly protected.

At the end of the meeting, the parties reaffirmed their willingness to appropriately address, through close co-operation, the legal issues that may arise.

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