Training course entitled "Assistance to the Ministry of Justice in legal approximation in line with the EU standards" started

22/10/2019 Font

Today, a training course held within the framework of "Assistance to the Ministry of Justice in legal approximation in line with EU standards" project started with participation of Deputy Minister of Justice Kristinne Grigoryan and Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin. It will help the
policy-makers and law-makers in Armenia to harmonise the national legislation with the EU legislation, so that the new legislation is applicable in everyday practice. The trainers will provide practical advice on all the stages of developing legislation.

Expressing her gratitude to those present for participation, Deputy Minister Kristinne Grigoryan attached importance to the event from the point of view of involving the representatives of both the executive and the legislative power in one platform and organising as substantial discussions as possible.

"The Ministry of Justice has initiated and is successfully implementing large-scale and mutually beneficial co-operation with the European Union. The Ministry does not perceive all the sector-specific reforms as a separate and fragmented process, it views them in the light of Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement. I think this perception is common, which will enable us to plan our general agenda of actions more strategically and for longer-term perspective," — said Deputy Minister Grigoryan, and summarising her speech, she expressed her gratitude to the European Union for always supporting the Ministry of Justice in the implementation of reforms.

Let us note that the one-day training course was organised by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia within the EU-funded "Assistance to the Ministry of Justice in legal approximation in line with EU standards" project. The training course consists of four main parts: EU legislation, approximation, development of policy and development of legislation.

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