Public discussion on formation and operation of Fact-Finding Commission

26/12/2019 Font

Today, a public discussion on application of the international practice in the formation and operation of a Fact-Finding Commission within the framework of the 2019-2023 Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms and the possible conceptual approaches took place with the participation of First Deputy Minister of Justice Rafik Grigoryan. Deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and about two dozens of representatives of state and non-governmental organisations participated in the discussion organised by the "Centre for Legislation Development and Legal Research" Foundation of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.

Greeting the attendees, Deputy Minister Grigoryan informed that the Strategy for Judicial and Legal Reforms, approved by the Government, states the time limits for formation of the Fact-Finding Commission and the main directions of the activities of the Commission and, in this context, noted that such discussions are aimed at ensuring wide participation in the development of the draft law "On the Fact-Finding Commission".

Touching upon the current stage of the activities carried out by the Ministry of Justice, the Deputy Minister informed the participants that the issues concerning the study of the international practice and application of the existing models are included in the agenda for the discussion. The following were mentioned as the goals of the activities of the Fact-Finding Commission:

  • Identify and approve rejected and disputed facts;
  • Acknowledge, support and protect victims;
  • Raise awareness about and encourage behaviour changes, social and political transformations;
  • Create a platform for reconciliation;
  • Support reforms.

In accordance with the Strategy, the Fact-Finding Commission will gather facts about massive and periodic violations of human rights in the following fields: (a) electoral processes that have taken place since September 1991, (b) political persecutions that have taken place during post-election processes since September 1991, (c) compulsory alienations of property for state needs or the needs of the public in Armenia; (d) other manifestations of expropriation; (e) servicemen deceased in non-combat conditions.

The ultimate outcome of the activities of the Commission shall be the publication of a report that shall reflect the information collected in the course of the fact-finding activities. Based on the collected information, the Commission will submit to the National Assembly and the Government an advisory opinion on the possibility, forms and amounts for restoration of the rights of persons affected by those offences and the need for restoration, as well as the need for institutional reforms.

The discussion was followed by a question-and-answer session with the participants.

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