"Expertise Centre" SNCO

Director Tigran Hovhannisyan

The "Expertise Centre of the Republic of Armenia" SNCO is one of the leading organisations of the Republic of Armenia in the field of provision of services for the performance of expert examinations. It has been carrying out its activities for half a century. The Centre was established as a result of restructuring of the "Expertise Centre of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia" state institution upon the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia of 28 November 2002. However, the Centre commenced its activities in 1959 when, upon the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, a scientific-research laboratory for criminalistics was established at Yerevan State University; the laboratory was performing the function of carrying out judicial expert examinations. The objectives of the Centre are:

-          to improve expert examinations;

-          to organise and perform expert examinations, other scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-methodical activities;

-          to coordinate existing research methodologies, develop new methodologies, test them and guarantee their use;

-          to train and develop specialists carrying out expert examinations, as well as grant qualification in the prescribed manner

Guided by these objectives, the Centre:

(a)  performs expert examinations on contractual basis (within the framework of criminal, administrative and civil proceedings, as well as other expert examinations), scientific, scientific-methodical research and scientific-technical works by organising the performance thereof with the help of its staff employees and freelance employees and, if necessary, by involving other specialists or co-operating with other organisations on contractual basis;

(b)  coordinates methodologies for expert examinations, drafts, tests new methodologies and guarantee their use;

(c)  summarises the practice of expertise and, on the basis thereof, drafts methodological instructions and submits to relevant organisations recommendations with regard to the elimination of causes and conditions contributing to the commission of offences;

(d)  organises and provides methodical and practical assistance as regards expertise, provides clarifications of methodological nature and counselling;

(e)  prepares, publishes and sells manuals, directories, monographs, collections and other works on expertise;

(f)   develops plans for perspective development of expertise and submits them to the state administration body authorised by the Government of the Republic of Armenia;

(g)  carries out the training and development of the specialists in the field of judicial expertise and the certification of their qualification in the prescribed manner;

(h)  establishes direct bilateral and multilateral relations with organisations and specialists of the Republic of Armenia and abroad, holds joint events, organises conferences, scientific consultations, seminars, participates in similar events organised by other organisations and carries out reciprocal internships and exchange of experience with these organisations;

(i)   implements measures aimed at improving social and living requirements of its employees. The Centre is managed by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the Director of the Centre as the executive body of the Centre.

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